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#regram expands several early performance strategies of Dan Graham to create a brief situation in which subtle shifts in my appearance morph my own presence as well as the original works of Graham. #regram is about transitioning: using the structure of a Möbius strip, the performance takes as its framework a feedback loop between performer and public, past and future, self and other. The tasks are simple: describe my behavior and appearance, and that of the public. The constant presence of a mirror provides a common plane of action in which the audience and I are seeing and being seen, and the exchange of communication between what I describe and what the audience sees suggests myriad potentialities, or futures. Some of these futures are actualized, some are only imagined. These transformations allow for the possible disappearance of myself as a performer and the potential emergence of a transformed audience.


Teatro Rivoli, Porto (Portugal) - 29 April 2015

created with the support of residencies in Porto with NEC – Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica/Teatro Rivoli (2015) and in Madrid with La Casa Encendida/C2CM (2014)