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Glorious Hole

In Glorious Hole, everyday actions and materials become the source of spectacle. Lost figures are discovered and lost again; memories are fictionalized and forgotten. A lone figure struggles with the emptiness of time passing, and the unraveling of the glory of the stage.

In this, the final installment of the Trilogie d'Amour, I introduce the use of video in a way that I have not yet done before. One day during my residency in Los Angeles, I sat down to make an improvised video that documented the work's dramaturgical parcours up to that point. Alongside the 45-minute video, my live self negotiates the act of being witnessed as an exhausted, hungry, ill and embarrassed body.


created as Artist-in-Residence at Pieter PASD, Los Angeles
developed at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers and La Ménagerie de verre - Studiolab, Paris

Volksroom/Ivo Dimchev, Brussels (Belgium) - 13 February 2011
Valerie Gallery, Boulder (USA) - 3 December 2010
Pieter PASD, Los Angeles (USA) - 19 November 2010 (premiere)

original video:

Taka Yamamoto