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... so far so good, I thought. I checked the "Washing Instructions' -'Machine Wash Tumble Dry.' Everything was fine, the same as always. I hate it when you find a product you like that fits a particular need of yours, and then they change it. 'Improve' it. I hate 'new, improved' anything. I think they should just make a completely new product instead and leave the old one alone. That way there would be two products to choose from, instead of half an old one. At least the Jockey Classic Briefs were still Classic...

...Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

An exploration of a modern man: fragile, vulgar, nostalgic, a dance of objects and memory, confession and in search of masculine codes that are rarely found. Make your own. DIY.

This solo was based on a series of short “do-it-yourself” installation performances that I presented in sequence, dealing with themes of masculinity and queerness. Following in the framework set up by je t’aimerai toujours, this performance was driven by a significant audio soundtrack that, once started, dictated the duration and pace of the performance.


Created in Paris and Boulder (The Boulder Circus Center)

Pieter PASD, Los Angeles (USA) - 6 March 2010
Chez Bushwick, Brooklyn (USA) - 22 August 2009
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder (USA) - 7 August 2009
Théâtre de l’Épée de bois, Vincennes (France) - 9 May 2009 (premiere)

funded in part by FSDIE (Paris) and the Boulder Arts Commission

David Mejias